Aficionado or still cigarsmoker

Aficionados ( Wikipedia : a person, who is enthusiastically devoted to something, in this case : cigars) do not only smoke cigars – they enjoy it thoroughly. They make sure the quality of the cigar is good.    But only when perfectly humidified to the individual taste of the Aficionado the cigar will offer the full flavour !

Is there any cigar smoker who does not want to be an Aficionado ?  Most likely – NOT !

But it is still surprising that many cigar smokers are accepting mediocre humidification for their cigars.

The demand of an Aficionado on a perfect smoke is high.

That separates them from ordinary cigar smokers !

To make sure this is achieved each cigar should be at the same ( individually chosen) level of humidification. Only when this is guaranteed the quality of a cigar can be judged!

Since only CigarSpa shows when the cigar has reached the wanted level ( 69%- 71%-74% ?) the enjoyment with each cigar is guaranteed.

Other systems only show the humidity level in the air !

The step to become an Aficionado is a bit more expensive – but with each cigar the additional taste pays back.

CigarSpa is the most environmental friendly humidification system in the world.

No throw away consumables at all !

CigarSpa – very good for the cigars, good for the environment !

  1. most sophisticated humidification system for cigars in the world
  2. Microprocessor controlled humidification unit
  3. Using the unique membrane – soft evaporation system, perfect for cigars
  4. Battery operated (lasts more than 3 years)
  5. Refilling dist. water only every 4 to 6 months
  6. Fits almost every humidor
  7. very simple to operate - only one button
  8. Humidity level can be adjusted between 55% and 75%
  9. All relevant data are displayed
  10. Unique feature: Display shows the condition of the cigar
  11. Made in Germany
  12. 3 years warranty
  13. Dimensions: 6 x 6,7 x 17cm
  14. Weight: 330g without, 550g with water
  15. VILLASpa...probably the best humidor of the world