Cigar Spa You can´t do better for your cigars! By far the most sophisticated fully automatic humidification system in the world. Microprocessor controlled, individually adjustable. Using the unique membrane, soft evaporation system – best for cigars! For 4 -6 months without any attention! No cord needed! Battery operated – fits almost any humidor. 3 years warranty. Made in Germany.
Humidors Humidors
Specially designed humidors to ensure perfect storage and conditioning of valuable cigars. Always using CigarSpa as source of controlled humidity, to provide every single cigar with the perfect humidity. Not only beautiful – also extremely good to cigars!
Patoro Cigars
An exceptional selection of cigars made in the Dominican Republic.
Service Service
In todays world a rare feature – f.o.c. Service. You have a question, a query or a complaint ? just call us or send us a mail. We answer your questions on the phone ( +49-2234-801946) – or explain by mail within 24 hours. Try us !